Custom Built Refurbished HP/Agilent 6890 Gas Chromatographs

6890 Gas Chromatograph  

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The 6890 GC reaches the peak of all the analytical development and engineering that was achieved from every Hewlett Packard Gas Chromatograph product line up through the 5890E Series II Plus . The addition of an innovative Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) technology was  introduced, along with EPC options for auxiliary gases. innovative new injection port and detector designs give operation and efficiency enhancements over prior 5890 capabilities, while allowing for easy diagnostics and trouble shooting.

All of our GC's are custom configured to meet your requirements. We provide GC mainframes, detectors (FID, NPD, ECD, ELCD, PID, TCD, FPD and MSD), injection ports (split-splitless, packed, purged-packed, on-column), accessories (cryogenic cooling, electronic pressure control), communication options (RS-232, HPIB, INET), data systems (ChemStation, TurboChrom, EZ-Chrom) and autosamplers (7673A, 7673B, 7683)

Why purchase your Refurbished 6890 GC from ST2?

  • We completely refurbish and bench test all of our Gas Chromatograph systems to guarantee quality, performance and reliability.
  • We custom configure your Gas Chromatograph system so you get precisely what need.
  • We have access to large amounts of inventory to provide our clients with the refurbished GC system that they need and delivery when they need it.
  • We provide additional services such as installation, on-site familiarization and warranty.
  • We offer extended warranties and Service Contracts.
  • Rent, Lease and Purchase options are available.
  • Reduce your laboratory equipment up to 60%.
  • ST2's full one-year warranty

Refurbished Agilent 6890 EPC Inlet Options

  • Packed Inlet with Septum Purge /EPC

  • Split/Splitless Capillary, 0-100 psi /EPC

  • Split/Splitless Capillary, 0-150 psi /EPC

  • Cool On-Column Inlet /EPC

  • Capillary PTV Inlet, Septumless, CO2 /EPC

  • Capillary PTV Inlet, Septum Head, CO2 /EPC

  • Capillary PTV Inlet, Septumless, N2 /EPC

  • Capillary PTV Inlet, Septum Head, N2 /EPC

  • Volatiles Interface /EPC

Refurbished Agilent 6890 EPC Detector Options

  • FID - Flame Ionization Detector for Packed & Capillary Columns

  • FID - Flame Ionization Detector Optimized for Capillary

  • TCD - Thermal Conductivity Detector

  • ECD - Electron Capture Detector

  • Micro-ECD - Electron Capture Detector

  • Single Channel FPD - Flame Photometric Detector

  • Dual Channel FPD - Flame Photometric Detector

  • NPD for Packed & Capillary - Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector

  • NPD Optimized for Capillary - Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector

Other Refurbished Agilent 6890 Detector Interface Options

  • MSD Interface

  • General Purpose Analog Input PCA

Refurbished Agilent 6890 Communication Interface Options

  • LAN Interface

  • INET Interface

Refurbished Agilent 6890 Flow & Pressure Options

  • Pre-Plumbed Gas Tank Ready

  • 3-Channels of AUX EPC

AIM provides Refurbished Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies Gas Chromatograph (GC) models 5890A, 5890 Series II, 6890, 6890 Plus and 6890N.

Refurbished Agilent 6890 Support and Warranty Information

All equipment listed in this category is bench tested and comes with a 1 Year warranty.Request Quote

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